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Marciella Giovino, b.1987, Texas, is a mixed media artist whose practice includes acrylic painting, magazine clippings, and watercolor paper. Her works have been shown with Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair, Texas Vignette’s Vignette Art Fair, and Austin’s The Little Gay Shop.


Through mixed media, I delve into the intricate and often contentious interplay of femininity, sexuality, and societal constructs. My oeuvre is an exploration of themes such as the objectification of the female body, the pervasive male gaze, and the complex dynamics of self-gratification and pornography, all while navigating the shadowy influences of religious indoctrination on personal and collective perceptions of sexuality.

My work is a celebration of femininity in all its forms, striving to empower and affirm through a visual language that is at once vibrant, fluid, and profoundly textual. The pieces are characterized by a rich palette of colors, simplistic yet powerful shapes, and a meticulous attention to texture, each element carefully chosen to evoke a specific emotional and intellectual response. This deliberate and thoughtful approach allows me to create art that is not only visually striking but deeply resonant, facilitating a dialogue with the viewer that is both intimate and expansive.

This practice is a desire to reclaim and recontextualize the portrayal of female sexuality and the female form, stripping away layers of societal imposition to reveal the raw, unmediated essence of individual identity and desire. By incorporating elements of Playboy magazines into my work, I confront the viewer, and myself, with the often-uncomfortable realities of sexual expression and autonomy, challenging us to reconsider our own perceptions and biases.

My use of mixed media is integral to my exploration of these themes, allowing the flexibility to juxtapose a variety of materials and techniques in a way that is both innovative and evocative, embodying a fluidity and dynamism that mirrors the very subject matter it seeks to address. Through this multidimensional lens, I invite us into a world where the lines between the observer and the observed, the empowering and the objectified, blur and merge in unexpected ways.

In essence, my art is a journey into the heart of human experience, a nuanced examination of the forces that shape our understanding of self and other. I offer us a window into the complexities of femininity and sexuality, inviting reflection, dialogue, and, ultimately, a deeper understanding of the myriad ways in which we see and are seen.

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